With purpose

What is our goal as we serve people?  If it really is to reflect the character of God, then we should be so abandoned to Him that God guides us wisely in our communication of what we know. He will direct us with clear purpose.  Here is an example of God’s guidance. In one culture women were abused and raped without being able to say or do anything about it. Often the perpetrator was a close family member. In a similar cultural context, someone shared the story from 2 Samuel 13. They told about Amnon, one of King David’s sons, who pretended that he was sick in order to lure Tamar, his half-sister, into his room where he raped her. The ladies in this culture totally connected with the story and it gave them opportunity to speak about their situation.  This was a significant step in starting to see this issue being addressed. This is a sample of addressing an urgent felt need that easily could have been passed over because of the sensitivity of the issue.  So, as God leads, we should be ready to share from God’s Word and let Him do His work in the people we are serving by letting them process their own issues.  In order to see their relationships restored with our Creator, we must be ready to let Him lead with purpose through every issue of life.  Since God is almighty and all-knowing and we have only a very limited perspective, we may not necessarily always know what purpose God has at the beginning. Can we trust the Eternal enough to be led by Him, so He can accomplish His purpose?

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