Connecting beyond felt needs

Felt needs only connect with certain Biblical stories. Many Bible stories will not connect at that level. What is the way forward connecting beyond felt needs? How do we introduce other truths (sometimes undesirable) using relevant stories?

Undesirable truths should be addressed normally when people are ready to receive these truths.  This normally happens as people grow in faith and are able to deal with more difficult and sensitive issues.  Normally it functions like the pieces of a puzzle, as one piece must fit together with another.  In the same way stories progressively fit together, communicating a picture that is growing and thus helping people to get ready to engage with truths that they initially may have seen as undesirable.

Sometimes God can lead to bring sensitive issues forward early to shock or confront people, but this must be carefully considered under the leadership of the Holy Spirit and after sincere intercession with God about the issue at hand.  Mistakenly, we often judge these issues from our worldview perspective and we deprive people from discovering these essential truths in God’s timing.

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